Privacy Policy


Why Am I Reading This?

Home Energy Grants is a trading name of Gaia Energy Ltd  has your data as a result of you engaging with us on one of our websites, by telephone or in person with one of our agents. We wish to ensure continuing compliance with data law.

Who Will Look After My Data Once I Submit It?

Gaia Energy Ltd  will look after your data.

What About Business Data?

Business-to-Business Data, relating to people, such as the names and contact details provided on business cards, business correspondence, invoices and websites is open to the general public and is provided for open use for commercial purposes. This type of information is considered public and is not safeguarded by this Privacy Policy.

Why Do You Need My Information?

You are providing your data to us for the purposes of Gaia Energy Ltd identifying whether you and your home would benefit from energy saving products and whether we can obtain grant funding for you to complete the works. Your information may also be used to enable a technical survey and analysis of your home to take place and for works to be carried out. You agree that we are able to use the Information you have provided, including your personal information, which will be used to determine your eligibility for funding under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).For certain streams of grant funding your Local Authority may be required to confirm your eligibility. Your information may be shared with your Local Authority and our partners for this purpose. You consent for us to contact you by phone, SMS and email for the purpose of processing your request for a grant. and you consent to receive email communications from us regarding related products and services. We take data protection very seriously, all data collected and handled is done so in accordance with our privacy policy.

What Allows You To Use My Information?

By providing your information you consent to Gaia Energy Ltd using your information for the purpose of providing you with the products and services requested. Once an installation is agreed, Gaia Energy Ltd will use your information to ensure that all contractual requirements are completed, and may share this information with quality and regulatory bodies.

Who Will My Information Be Shared With?

Any of our partners supporting the installation such as building specialists, software providers, guarantee companies, technical monitoring agents, our accreditation bodies, local authorities or their intermediaries/contractors; and charities, social housing providers, building control inspectors, the property owner or managing agent (where applicable), and the energy company promoting the measure.

How Long Will You Keep This Data For And Why?

Where no installation takes place, we will hold your information for no longer than required to comply with the customer journey, in accordance with the fifth data protection principle. Where an installation has been completed, elements of information created for the works (including some Personal information) will be held for 25 years to support the provision of the workmanship guarantee provided on your energy saving measures, in accordance with industry regulations.

How Will My Information Be Stored?

Securely; we take measures to protect your information when stored with us.

What Rights Do I Have When It Comes To My Information?

You have the right to request a copy of your information and to know what it is used for and how it has been shared. In addition, you have the right to have any incorrect data be corrected, or to request that we cease processing your information. To do so, please contact us at:

Who Can I Complain To If I Am Unhappy About How My Data Is Used?

You can complain directly to our Data Protection Officer by writing to:

Gaia Energy Ltd

440 Breckland Business Centre

St Withburga Lane



NR19 1FD

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