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Who Qualifies?

You do not need to be in receipt of benefits to qualify for free home insulation - criteria varies by area.

The government’s Energy Company Obligation scheme helps to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty.

A new part of the scheme called ‘flexible eligibility’ enables local authorities to set targets for energy suppliers to help fund the installation of energy-efficiency measures in qualifying households.

You can apply for support if you live in a property that is expensive to heat, or if you or somebody living with you are vulnerable to cold.

Qualifying criteria include:

  • Someone in your home receives a qualifying benefit
  • Household is on a low income.
  • Your property has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E,F or G, or provides a qualifying score through our assessment
  • You or somebody living in your property have a health condition that can be exacerbated by the cold
  • You or somebody living in your property are pregnant or have a child aged under 5 or somebody living in your property are aged over 65

Check our priority flex area page

This is all part of the Governments Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme for free insulation and heating.

What Type of Property Qualifies?

  • Your Home Must be heated by Electricity
  • Your Home must be a house or Bungalow
  • You must have sufficient Roof Space.
  • Your Roof must be suitable for Solar Panels.
  • There Must be Access to Install Solar.

What Type of Property Does not Qualify?

  • Flats
  • Listed Buildings
  • Homes heated by Gas or Oil.
  • Homes not Heated by Electricity.

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