Free Loft Insulation

You do not need to be in receipt of benefits to qualify for free Cavity Wall Insulation.

The government’s Energy Company Obligation scheme helps to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty.

A new part of the scheme called ‘flexible eligibility’ enables local authorities to set targets for energy suppliers to help fund the installation of energy-efficiency measures in qualifying households.

You can apply for support if you live in a property that is expensive to heat, or if you or somebody living with you are vulnerable to cold.

Insulation for Roof

Qualifying criteria include:

This is all part of the Governments Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.

Loft Insulation Scheme

Why Insulate my Loft ?

A quarter of heat is lost through the roof in an uninsulated home. This means that for every £100 you spend on heating you are wasting £25.00. Free loft insulation scheme is a simple and effective way to reduce heat loss and reduce your bills. Making your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

If you have a loft with very little insulation then getting it insulated it will give you huge savings on your energy bill. The best thing is that for many of us this insulation will be installed free.

Do I Need a Survey ?

We need to ensure that you have sufficient ventilation in your loft area and also check if there are any pipes that may need insulating. The survey is FREE and will only take @ 30 minutes to complete. Then we can book the installation of your FREE. insulation grants”>You will soon have a and your fuel bills will reduce.Click the button below or call us FREE on 0800 0988667 for free advice and help.

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