Free External Wall Insulation Government Grants.

Is free external wall insulation available ?

Yes it is but only under strict circumstances around the type of home, the heating and the circumstances of the householder.

There are grants available for external wall insulation but these do not always cover the full costs.

Approximately 1/3rd of the heat that you pay for is lost through your walls. Installing external wall insulation can save you £££`s on your heating bills and make your home much more comfortable all year round.

You do not need to be in receipt of benefits to qualify for a grant for External Wall Insulation..

Grants for Free Insulation

The government’s Energy Company Obligation scheme helps to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty.

A new part of the scheme called ‘flexible eligibility’ enables local authorities to set targets for energy suppliers to help fund the installation of energy-efficiency measures in qualifying households.

You can apply for support if you live in a property that is expensive to heat, or if you or somebody living with you are vulnerable to cold.

Qualifying criteria include:

This is all part of the Governments Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.

External Wall Insulation

What is External Wall Insulation?

External wall insulation requires fixing a layer of insulation to the external wall and the finishing it with a top coat of your choice. This could be a coloured render, brick finish, timber or composite cladding or a combination of these.

External wall insulation is a layer of insulation material which could be: graphite enhanced expanded polystyrene, phenolic resin and breathable mineral wool.  This is fixed into place with an adhesive mortar and coated with base coat render and an insulating mesh. Then another coat of render is added. This then has a primer coat and the top finish of your choice is added with a choice of decorative finishes.

Adding insulation externally has a number of advantages. No internal living space is lost, no internal redecoration is required, there’s no need to leave your home while the work is taking place and the exterior finish can match the original or surrounding properties or a complete change if you want.

How do I know if my external walls are solid?

You may not know whether your external walls are solid or not.  Fortunately, there is a simple way to find out. Just take a look at the brickwork.

If you have any doubts just drop us an email or give us a call FREE on 0800 0988667 and we will try and check.

If we cant tell by checking remotely we offer a FREE site survey service where our expert surveyors can check your property and have a chat about your requirements.

Free Cavity Wall Insulation

How Much Will I Save on My Fuel Bills?

Most people don`t install external wall insulation for the energy savings – this is just a bonus ! The following figures are supplied by the Energy Saving Trust. based on April 2019 fuel costs for a gas heated home.

The Benefits of External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation offers a number of significant benefits.

How Much Will It Cost?

Installation costs vary dramatically depending on the type and size of your home. For example bungalows cost less to install as they require little or no scaffolding. Just give us a call or fill in the form – on a lot of occasions we are able to give an accurate estimate without visiting your home. If we can`t we offer a FREE survey to work out the exact costs. However, you may get a grant to help with the costs.  Funding is available to cover all or part of the costs of external wall insulation through the ECO scheme.

How We Can Help

Home Energy Grants are highly qualified in external wall insulation with many years of experience. We have arranged external wall insulation for 100`s of properties across the country. We offer a FREE no obligation survey service to discuss your requirements and check if your home is suitable for external wall insulation.

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