The Green Homes Grant

We just wanted to update you on The Green Homes Grant.
We continually try to obtain clarity from our government through our contacts within the industry. The scheme has been full of problems from the day it was announced with lack of clarity in all areas, delays in issuing vouchers and delays in payments to contractors. It now seems that despite previous releases the original amount of funding has not been extended and will now go back to the Treasury if it is not used by 31st March. This means that a much smaller amount of funding will be available going forward.
 At the outset of the scheme it was never going to be completed within the original timescale, even without the problems of obtaining vouchers and continual Covid lockdowns as well as the Christmas break and adverse weather. While the Government may try to lay the blame with contractors this is clearly not the case, we have all tried our best to navigate the continually changing rules at a huge increase in cost to us without any recompense. 
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Some MP`s are applying pressure to the Government to extend the original scheme but we cannot speculate as to the outcome.
As a result of this we are not accepting any further Green Homes Grant Applications and all existing applications that have not been surveyed are being placed on hold until we receive clarity on the future of the scheme.
We understand that this is disappointing for you as it is for us, we suggest that you contact your local MP to apply pressure to the Government to resolve the chaos that they have created.

Once again we apologise, if you have any further queries please come back to us.

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